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Fall protection training


Fall protection and evacuation training

We have held courses in fall protection and evacuation for a number of years. The courses have been a success with participants representing a wide range of companies. DNV, Transocean, National Oilwell, Elite Vinduspuss and the Norwegian Armed Forces are amongst those who have benefited from our courses.

It is our ambition to set the agenda when it comes to fall protection. Years of experience along with in-depth studies into production standards and legislation have allowed us to tailor our courses to meet your needs.

Most of our course include the following as a minimum, however:             


Course participants from Transocean practising work and rescue inconfined spaces

 Course contents:

  • Presentation of equipment in accordance with European manufacturing standards
  • Review of relevant regulations applicable onshore and offshore
  • The “ABC method” – a simple method of risk assessment
  • Lunch
  • Instruction in the use of equipment
  • Written test
  • Evaluation                      

Where do we hold our courses?

Most of our courses take place at our premises in Tananger, but we are happy to come to you if you so wish.

We can also hold courses for your customers!

We have found that combining product sales with learning generates rewards in the form of more highly satisfied customers. Thus, many businesses have chosen us to hold courses for their customers. Please get in touch if this sounds interesting to you.

For further information, please contact Sondre Aslaksen at or (+47) 51 64 69 95.